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On his way to creating exponential success with his new single “On You,” – make way for Guillaume Louvet.

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He gives it his all with his new release and makes people go in awe of his musical excellence.

Many individuals are born with innate skills and talents, which they only realize about years later, while some others may recognize what they are born with much earlier in life and make their aim to work towards it from the very beginning. Guillaume Louvet places himself effortlessly in the latter category as a rising musical talent who knew he was made for music and thus entered it with much confidence and self-belief. This positive attitude of his can even be heard in his newly released song titled “On You,” where he tries to express himself fully and create an energetic vibe by taking every note high in the song.

On You is a song that has already generated quite an intrigue in people as to what it is all about and what Guillaume Louvet wishes to express with this song. More and more people are increasingly listening to this track and becoming a part of the world that the young singer has been trying to create. On You has some incredible music pieces, and when combined with the signature sound of Guillaume Louvet, it creates a magical experience for the listener who feels driven to keep listening to the song more and more.

The young singing sensation Guillaume Louvet with On You tries to build a special image of himself in the music industry, already overflowing with many established as well as emerging names. He wants people to recognize his voice even in crowds and thus makes sure to put his heart and soul in all the songs he gives his voice to, just the way he has done with On You.

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