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Molly Wellon: The Creator Who Is Transforming Childhoods With Molly Kidz TV

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“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” – Tom Stoppard.

The pandemic has not only slowed down economies globally but also impacted people’s lifestyles around the world. With government-imposed lockdowns, children have been restricted to indoors only. The golden phase of one’s life has been badly impacted as kids are forced to stay home without games and friends. The internet has been the only solace for them to peep in to the outer world during these trying times. Luckily, we have people like Molly Wellon who make every effort to help kids survive these tough times with a smile.

Molly was tied to a corporate job that did not let her utilize her creative skills. Frustrated and desperate to live her passion, Molly quit her job to become a content creator on YouTube. Initially, she started with solo appearances and fun interactive videos for children, especially preschoolers. As her channel, Molly Kidz TV, started gaining popularity with over 10K views on each video, she hired a team of experts to enhance the quality of her content. Her team shares the same passion and strives to make indoors a little less challenging for kids.

Molly made her first public debut at the Gloworm Festival 2021, earning loads of positive reviews for her talent. She has recently appeared as a presenter on a children’s online learning platform. Molly has a high-energy stage presence that helps her grab kids’ attention. She can present a story or song in the most fun-filled and friendly way where children feel connected to it. Besides her online content, Molly also performs at various children’s events.

Since she started her journey as a children’s performer and presenter, Molly has been focused on making children smile. Through her channel Molly Kidz TV, she wants to create a virtual world for kids where they can escape from their loneliness. As childhood is considered the best phase to develop one’s learning and socializing skills, Molly has left no stone unturned to make her content as interactive and educational as possible. Apart from entertaining kids, Molly’s interactive videos also help them develop their learning skills in different ways.

Molly believes that you can achieve any goal if you put your heart and soul into it, just like she did. It’s only because Molly dared to leave her job and pursue her passion that she has turned her life from stuck to unstoppable. Molly wants kids to be inspired to dream big and know that there is nothing to be afraid of. Molly’s videos mainly comprise interesting stories and songs. She has created some original as well as recreated famous classics for kids.

To reach more children deprived of a fun-filled childhood, Molly has expanded her presence from YouTube to Spotify and Apple Music. Going forward, Molly wants to provide more interactive kids’ content on her channel, helping them build childhood memories through songs and stories that they will cherish forever. Molly will also perform at several children’s events and festivals in the coming years, putting a smile on children’s faces wherever she goes.

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