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Alexandre Rousseau Perez launches the teaser of his new single ‘I Belong’

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Alexandre Rousseau Perez has recently launched the teaser of his upcoming song and fans are in awe of it.

We hear talks about song releases every now and then. But what is grabbing more attention nowadays is the independent singers and their way of releasing songs. Independent artists don’t really have big budgets so they try to keep it minimal yet very creative. Sometimes it gets flopped, yet most of the time it stands out as very unique. This is what attracts today’s audience. Alexandre Rousseau Perez, also famous as ‘Perez’ has recently launched the teaser of his upcoming new single and the audience is loving it. Even though the teaser is of a very few seconds, we can hear some lyrics and the tune. That tune is touching the hearts of people.

‘I Belong’ seems like one of those songs that you would hear on a cosy winter morning with a cup of coffee in your hand. Even the beats in the song are very calming and it seems like only Perez can think of a song with such a different perspective. “I Belong” seems like one of his most wonderful tracks which will live in the hearts of people, rent-free. It is tough to believe that a new talent in the industry has gone so much viral in such a short time and earned so much momentum through his previous songs. Alexandre Rousseau Perez is gradually making his own place in the industry, especially amongst other young artists who have already earned name and fame.

Perez’s teaser of ‘I Belong’ has impressed audiences with amazing lyrics and classic beats. He has a magnificent quality of making people play his song on loop and mesmerize their eardrums. With previous songs and upcoming releases like ‘I Belong’, Perez has definitely made audiences wonder about how much talent he has and why he deserves whatever he has right now.

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