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The Alias MOD Out to Make an Impact in the Rap Scene

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The rap world has seen its fair share of artists. And while many of today’s artists seek to imitate, a handful wants to create their own identity and sound. Ahmad Bradley, otherwise known as The Alias MOD, is one of those artists.
Ahmad Rashad Bradley, aka The Alias MOD, is a rapper, songwriter, and producer from the Bay Area of Florida. He has mainly made waves in the local and regional hip hop scene but has also divided into other genres, including R&B, Soul, Rock, and even Pop genres over the last twenty years. He has experience and talent, cementing his place in Florida’s music scene. The Alias MOD has a hunger to win and a drive to keep pushing boundaries, which allows him to cultivate a unique and genuinely his own style of music. “Legendary is my pedigree,” as the artist likes to put it.

Since high school, The Alias MOD has dedicated himself to songwriting and rap. He started recording albums, mixtapes, and singles when he was a freshman in college and had since then created a whole array of records. He’s the brain and talents behind tracks like “What U In This For,” “Keep It Live,” “Must B Mod,” “Ima Show U (How to Grind),” “I Spit the Hardest,” “Turn It Up,” “Keep Ur Head,” “Verbal Assault,” “Victory 2021,” “NOT for RESALE” and many others.

The artist’s journey into the music industry was not without its fair share of troubles and challenges. “I have encountered several obstacles on the road to success,” the Alias MOD shares. “But the biggest challenge is believing in your dreams despite the bumps and bruises you will encounter along the way.” The musician and producer believes that success isn’t a destination but a narrative that we must all play out. This realization, he adds, requires effort and dedication to one’s craft— a passion and heart for what one does daily. “No matter how many victories I have accomplished, I know I still have to put in more work,” Ahmad adds. “Once you climb the mountain, you don’t just sit on the mountain top. Instead, you look across the horizon and find the next big thing to take on.”

The Alias MOD’s style and sound stand out in a sea of noise. This differentiating factor comes from his undying desire to be different. When musicians simply ride on what’s trending, The Alias MOD has always sought ways to sound different and be unique. Most artists today fear the unknown parts of untapped music and thus try to stay away from trying new things and stay within the spaces they know to get the people through the doors. But The Alias is an artist that isn’t afraid to take risks. He believes that innovation and creativity are what elevate an artist.

Over the next few years of his career, The Alias MOD hopes to continue building his brand online and hopefully find a permanent place on music charts. But, in the long-term, what he hopes more than anything is to leave a music legacy that will define rap for many years to come.
To check out The Alias MOD’s work and music, visit his Spotify page and Apple Music page.

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