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RodThaGreat Takes His Fans On A Journey Into The Inner Psyche

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Up and coming hip hop artist RodThaGreat joins in front of an emerging class of young, thoughtful rappers with his newest single “Fever Dream,” a journey into the inner psyche and embracing even the darkest of emotions. Peep a snippet of some of his profound lyrics:

“In retrospective, killing you was not my aim, you said we not different , making peace with my demons, I will embrace my darkness, but don’t be so intrusive”

The Atlanta-based artist stresses the importance of being genuine and authentic to oneself as a crucial step to a satisfying music career. He’s unafraid to shed light on what’s on his mind. Contrary to the mainstream narrative of pushing toxic positivity, much of the independent artist’ work focuses on embracing both light and dark emotions. So far he has released two EPs, his freshman EP “Dark Nights of the Soul” that was released in May 2020 and sophomore EP “The Art of Slumber”, released in October 2021.

Learn more about RodThaGreat in the interview below:

Q: Have you been compared to other artists? If so, who?
A: I’ve been compared to Kendrick Lamar , Biggie Smalls, JCole, and a few more. I rarely get compared but whenever I do, those are usually the main ones.

Q: What impact are you looking to make with your music? Who do you want to impact?
A: I want to create things that properly reflect me as an individual, my emotions, mentality, ideas, fears, and help others heal and make it through whatever they’re going through. Standing the test of time is an important thing for me. I want to impact the genuine ones out there, and the outliers of the world. My goals are to elevate minds, and to touch the souls of as many people as I can through art. I can see myself creating nothing but masterpieces in the future. My first album is something I see being very very special, once it’s time to craft it.

Q:When did you start doing music? And when did you start taking it seriously?
A: I first wrote music In 2013 while I was in Middle School, even though they weren’t too good. Me and a good friend of mine crafted a plan to pursue this musical dream in 2016 while chillin on a Brooklyn stoop. I spent the rest of that year and the entire year of 2017 finding myself and my sound musically. I didn’t fit in at all as a person, and that was reflected in the music world. My biggest obstacle was figuring out how I can implement my mind through music that’s true to me as a person. I didn’t create my first official song until 2018.

Q:Who are the top 3 artists that you currently look up to?
A:YE, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar.

Q: What are you currently working on?
A:I’m working on the next EP which will serve as a sequel and end to this trilogy of EPs I’ve released. It will be followed hopefully by an even bigger, more amazing project.

RodThaGreat is currently working on the music video for his single “Fever Dream”.

You can stream RodThaGreat’s music on all digital platforms.

Follow him on social media @rodthagreatt

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