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Here’s Why William Lee Believes Life Would Be Lifeless without Music

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“Life without music.” Even reading these words is shocking! Indeed, music is one of the few elements that define human life and give it so many different hues. So, when William Lee says that life without music is lifeless, we all have to agree.


Come to think of it, even those who have never consciously listened to music or do not count themselves as music lovers are still touched by the magic of music with or without knowing it. “From the rustling of the leaves to the sound of the wind, from the sweet voice of a loved one to the gurgling of a baby—music makes itself known in many forms,” explains William Lee. “And no matter how musically disinclined a person may seem to be, their soul is still touched by the beauty that is music even when they don’t realize it.”


“And then there are the true fans of music, who cannot imagine life without the beautiful tunes melting away even the longest of hours,” William Lee continues. “There are so many instances in life where music is the sole binding factor. From putting on a favorite track to relax after a tough day at work to listening to songs over the radio while stuck in traffic, from dancing into the night with friends and even strangers to using headphones to drown the noise around—music is an inseparable part of our lives. And for a true music lover, music is the cloth into which they weave their lives.”


William Lee further reveals how music even helps us with our relationships. And truly, from making new friends to finding intimacy with life partners, music does it all! Whether it’s a simple conversation starter like “Hey, so what kind of music do you listen to?” or a more intimate “All I want is to dance to my favorite song with you,” music lets you connect with others on so many different levels.


“Entire nations rise to their feet and feel their hearts fill with pride when they listen to their national anthems playing,” adds William Lee. “Diehard fans loudly cheer and egg their teams on towards victory by screaming and singing their favorite chants.” 


William Lee further explains, “Even partners who have just had a nasty argument forget what it was all about as soon as their favorite song begins to play on the radio. And even the crying children enthusiastically join the chorus when they hear their favorite rhymes!”


As is evident from all the above instances, we cannot but agree wholeheartedly with this novel thought of William Lee—life without music is lifeless.

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