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Best Kept Secret Management Bringing Mass Opportunities in 2022

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Best Kept Secret Management has big plans for 2022 and are currently making serious upgrades to their established foundation. With the goal of expanding and landing more sync placements for their notable roster of producers, BKS has now brought a sync coordinator on the team now connecting the dots to popular outlets like Netflix and Tubi. What better time as BKS has pulled new producers onto the team.

Very soon, BKS will be unveiling their latest work in the form a major project featuring some really cool artists of today. This highly anticipated project is certain to captivate the attention of any ear that hears, adding to BKS consistent wins of over the last two years.

It doesn’t stop there, BKS has now established its leadership circle by completing the missing puzzle pieces. Stoney, has forged an alliance with BKS along with the talk of the Midwest, Multi-Platinum Music Exec Mack Delfino. BKS is now more than ever completely unstoppable!
The team is now actively looking for new talented artists to sign and skyrocket their career with insane opportunities kept secret until it’s too late!

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