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Philadephia is becoming a hub for some of Hip-Hop’s most promising acts. 1K$U, aka Sultan, is an artist built to last in the industry. Moreover, his latest project Street Love, is a melodic reminder that 1K$U stands in many lanes. His versatility spans far past his music, which is why he is the ultimate hustler. He has never had an issue finding a way to get some cash. This new EP is dope because it is more potent than his previous works. Moreover, he has never been a slouch, but this music is just next level. He only recently started making music once he left college. His first single “Grams and Scams’ ‘ helped him pop from the start. The track was buzzing so hard in the city that he received a major co-sign from Gillie & Wallo of the A Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.


1K$U has been destined for stardom from the beginning. His smooth tone goes perfectly with the auto-tune in his voice. The passion in 1K’s music is unmatched. As you can tell, he has been through it all. The title of the EP is perfect because it explains exactly what you will get from the project. You get his ideas about the streets and then your mindset about love. Tracks like “Real Or Fake” and “My Dawg” are like gospel to people from the same side of Philly as 1K. His music connects well with his neighborhood but can be felt in the trenches across the country. Storytelling is vital to 1K$U, and this project is just further proof of that fact. His visuals are on point, and his Instagram is highly active. Street Love dropping at the top of 2022 is no coincidence. He has a goal to start the year with a vengeance, and there will be no other way to get him off track once he gets rolling in 2022. He’s on track to make some noise like his musical inspirations Lil Durk & Rod Wave. Check out the new EP, Street Love here, and his latest video also titled Street Love from the melodic MC below!

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