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Meet Talented Industry Singer and Songwriter Siilawy

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With over 640,000 subscribers and 90 Million video views under his belt, singer/ songwriter Siilawy has gained a deep understanding of what will perform well online and win the ears of millions of people. The Palestinian native singer artist is best known for his melodic fusion of singing and emotional lyrics that will win your heart over. With a unique tone and soulful lyrics, he draws influence from various artists, among them LXIV 64- with whom he is set to release a new song “Shadows” later this January 2022.

His most recent project, “Lessa Ma’aki,” gathered over a million views within the first 24 hours. Other songs such as “Qodam ElKol” have surpassed over 36 Million views on YouTube. Siilawy is a model for the youth, leaning on the love aspect and talking through life’s ups and downs in a truthful yet inviting way. His dynamic voice and ability to sing on love concepts inspire a new generation of listeners. Fans should keep an ear on him for these new projects will be transformational for many people’s relationships.

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