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Young Dolph’s Alleged Murderer Turns Himself In

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The person accused of killing artist Young Dolph turned himself in on Monday. On instagram Justin Johnson wrote on his page,

“Turning Myself In Monday @201. I’m Innocent. I’ll be back sooner than you can blink.”

Justin, known as Straight Drop, is wanted for charges attached to the death of Young Dolph, including first-degree murder. A warrant was issued for his arrest on Wednesday. Soon a picture of him standing behind Dolph was also circulated along with a photo of Alexis Crawford who was allegedly murdered by her roommate and her roommate’s boyfriend after he raped Alexis.


According to ABC24 , Justin has a history of violence. He allegedly cooperated with the police by admitting to his crime, had no prior record and had good behavior, he was released early in a few months stemming from an incident in 2017 where he was sentenced to five years. Justin reposted the clip with the caption “Next time post the REAL……BS ass blogs.” No matter the outcome, I hope that just is served for the wife and children Dolph’s tragic murder left behind.


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