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Meet Emerging Artist Huncho D. White

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For over a decade, making music has been essential for rap/hip-hop artist Huncho D. White, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Even though he’s a hip-hop artist, Huncho is versatile and maintains the ability to create different genres and styles of music.

My debut album, Quarantine Huncho, was released in February 2021. During the pandemic, I had time to learn myself and discover more of my musical abilities. So, that was the motivation behind the album and its title,” Huncho said.

Huncho D. White has released his Newest EP/Album BILLY featuring his smash hit “CANT BE STOPPED and TRAPPIN N RAPPIN” which is available on all streaming platforms. Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Napster, Shazam.

Huncho says he first fell in love with music when he was around 10 years old, after his dad passed away.

“I was looking for something to get my mind off of his death, something that both he and I would be proud of,” he recalled. “So, that’s when I tapped into my love for music, and started freestyling and composing songs.

I’m genuine and I rap about real life,” Huncho explained. “For instance, my single, ‘Trappin’ & Rappin,’ tells real-life experiences. Everyone’s heard about trapping but not everyone has experienced it. I treat rapping like trapping. A good product sells itself. Also, I’m not making music just for the money or materialistic things. I do it because I love it and to hopefully make a way for those around me.

As an artist, Huncho feels that he contributes genuine music that’s from the heart. He raps about real life, things that actually happened, and life experiences.

Pushing a music career requires hard work, dedication, and also time. Balancing a career and home life is not the easiest thing to do. At one point, balance was hard for Huncho, but he said ‘music’ is now the balance for him.

As for what’s next for Huncho, he continues to create music and is even adding some acting to his resume. His most recent project titled, Billy, is available for streaming and download and in 2022, you can catch Huncho on season two of “P-Valley.” You can follow Huncho D. White on all social media: IG @hunchodwhite, Facebook: Huncho D White, Tik Tok: @hunchodwhite, SnapChat: huncho_house

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