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From Broke to Booming Music Producer: Meet Axel Beca

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Axel Beca is a trailblazing tech bass house DJ and producer. He is a renowned residence DJ at some of the best nightclubs in the country. Unlike many other DJs, Axel is a uniquely gifted DJ who plays his own independent playlist and mixes it with the particular space he is performing. He also plays in the best nightclubs, such as XS Vegas, Story Miami, Mynt Lounge Miami, Le Gaga Mamaia.

He has shared the stage with Steve Angello, Zedd, Skrillex, Bob Sinclar, and J Balvin. Axel also takes pride in being one of the few DJs to play for some A-list celebrities such as Jeff Bezos, Michelle Obama, 50 Cents, Jennifer Lopez, Travis Scott, Kendall Kenner, Scott Disick, David Beckham, P Diddy, The Rock, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Christina Aguilera. Axel is also a notable producer with a couple of releases to his name.

Born in France, Axel moved to Miami a decade ago and started working in restaurants to make ends meet. At the time, being a DJ was only a dream that he was keeping very much alive, and he was working hard to make it a reality. A passionate music enthusiast, Axel would constantly find spots to express himself musically. His musical dream started with Soho House in Miami, where he played a few nights and later transcended to Baoli Miami.

While at Baoli Miami, he received the offer to start a residency, growing and expanding to make his way to two main residencies. A dedicated and committed DJ, Axel has since grown to travel the world from Dubai, Romania, Mexico, France, Puerto Rico to the US. Axel is now a resident DJ at two of Miami’s most significant and iconic clubs, Mynt Lounge and Seaspice.

Axel’s biggest challenge is time and sleep. He finds it hard to manage his time and sleep with his two big residencies in Miami. Mynt Lounge and Seaspice are both in high demand and with a lot of requirements, and you can’t make a mistake. Axel adds that the price is too high, while on the other side, he has his music to produce while attending to other artists. Managing time and all his responsibilities effectively can be very hard, but he has gradually learned how to manage it. 

Axel wants you to believe in yourself, work hard (very hard), and be patient. Success is a journey, and your turn will come when it’s time. Remember, people always say you don’t have time, but that’s not true if you are healthy and well. You have all the time to do the right things at the right time, listen to yourself, and follow your passions.

In the future, Axel Beca sees himself traveling the world, playing on the biggest stages, including festivals, clubs, and events. He also wants to continue making music and playing his songs everywhere. He also looks forward to doing some dream collaborations and producing for many artists, from dance to hip hop and Latin music.

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