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Dot Demo Releases 93Hunnit – Features Faith Lee, Pop Vazquez, Sha Hef & More!

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Iron sharpens iron as lyricist Dot Demo flexes his talents on 93HUNNIT, a 16-track album with a cameo from comedian Pop Vazquez, contributions from singers Faith Lee and Dave Disla, and diverse bars from Monty Slee, Bub Styles, Nas Zaan, Radamiz, Sha Hef, DunnyWays, ARVX, and Andy Gunn. The project will be available everywhere on January 7 via Viper Records.

Dot reflects on his life story throughout the project, as he delivers searing, heartfelt lyrics with diverse cadences and creative adlibs. Staying true to his longtime fans, the South Bronx native continues to make authentic music that prolongs the legacy of NYC’s unique art, sound and style. “93HUNNIT is pretty much an ode to Bronx street culture,” Dot explains, “intertwining my personal experiences with the overall feel of my area, from my perspective.”

“Himalayan Pink Salt” featuring comedic influencer Pop Vazquez led the way for the album on November 17, followed by the two-sided lyrical adventure “David Ortiz Freestyle” on December 10. Both tracks were picked up by numerous playlists, and have garnered accolades from longtime fans and new fans alike.

Dot Demo co-produced two tracks on the album, while his brother RUNITUPDAY! captured the essence of aesthetically pleasing Lo-Fi Hip Hop on nine of the songs, alongside work from Don The Jeweler, Pacino Tha Plug, Rizzy 2 Times, Ya Drunk Uncle, Beats By Day, and Stab Production.

Stream 93HUNNIT on your favorite platform here:

93HUNNIT Tracklist
01. Solitude ft. Faith Lee – prod. by RUNITUPDAY!
02. David Ortiz Freestyle – prod. by RUNITUPDAY!
03. Two Percent ft. Faith Lee – prod. by Pacino Tha Plug & RUNITUPDAY!
04. Demon Eye Adolescences – prod. by Don The Jeweler
05. Himalayan Pink Salt ft. Pop Vazquez – prod. by Don The Jeweler
06. Riggz ft. Sha Hef – prod. by Rizzy 2 Times
07. Yeah Yeah, Eastside ft. Radamiz – prod. by RUNITUPDAY!
08. Alchemy/High Tolerance – prod. by Dot Demo, Beats By Day & Ya Drunk Uncle
09. Filthy Elegance ft. Bub Styles & ARXV – prod. by Stab Production
10. 13 Hours – prod. by RUNITUPDAY!
11. DaveFM
12. ToTheT ft. Faith Lee, Nas Zaan, DunnyWays & Andy Gunn – prod. by RUNITUPDAY!, Dot Demo & Pacino The Plug
13. Synergy ft. Monty Slee – prod. by RUNITUPDAY!
14. ByDaRib – prod. by RUNITUPDAY! & Pacino Tha Plug
15. Moonlight ft. Faith Lee – prod. by RUNITUPDAY!
16. 2AM / Scooter Braun ft. Dave Disla, RUNITUPDAY! & Nas Zaan – prod. by RUNITUPDAY!

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