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Yhung Tooly Kicks Off The New Year With New Single “Ezee”

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From the streets of Alabama, singer/songwriter Yhung Tooly debuts his first track of 2022 Ezee. It is accompanied by a gritty – emotionally filled music video directed by Nobody.

Tooly is no newcomer to the world of music. He was introduced to music by his father at a very young age, and wrote his first song by the time he was in grade school. After a rough upbringing and hardships, when he was 17 he found himself incarcerated for attempted murder.

It was in jail where Tooly really honed in his music talents, and where he really started taking songwriting seriously. While he was still in prison, Tooly was able to rack up millions of views and even catch the eye of music labels. NOSICDz offered him a record deal the day he came home.

On December 24th 2021, Yhung Tooly put out his latest heartbreak heater, Ezee. On Ezee Tooly opens up about life in the trenches, the hardships he goes through, and people turning on him. Please join us in support of Yhung Tooly’s new track Ezee, and stay tuned for what he has in store in 2022.

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