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Tavia TV – The Queen’s Add Another Queen To The Mix, Remy Ma

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I watched the Wendy Williams show and learned while Remy Ma was guest co-hosting with Fat Joe that she had landed a role on the hit series Queens. The series currently stars Eve, Brandy, and Naturi Naughton. With Eve’s pregnancy, I knew the directors would bring in someone that could carry the weight of Eve’s absence. The perfect choice was of course Remy Ma.

Her character is Zadie a.k.a. Lady Z who is Naomi/Brandy’s rival MC. While on a supermarket trip with Muffin, Brandy spots Zadie collecting shopping carts in the parking lot. In full shock, Brandy feels bothered that the women that went toe to toe with her in the music industry is doing nothing more than packing groceries. This tale unpacks amidst fans wondering if Eve/Brianna has survived being shot.

Eric, who is played by Taylor Sele’, has moved in with Naomi and their daughter into Brianna’s house. Naomi picks up a for sale sign from the yard alluding to them owning the house. Coupled with the nightmares Naturi is having, it leads us to believe at first that Brianna is dead. After another encounter with Zadie at the store, Naomi convinces Zadie to jump in the booth with her to break her writer’s block. Naomi takes the backseat and choses to sing as Zadie kills the track with her bars about life after being blackballed. The two ladies share a moment when Zadie confides in Naomi that her former producer tried to rape her.

The ladies come together decide to organize their own label and signed Lady Z as their first artist. After all the celebration, Naomi calls what appears to be Brianna on vacation with her kids. We can’t wait to see what more Remy Ma brings to the character of Zadie and the real life problems women face in the rap game. We wish Eve well while she is on maternity leave. Until next time!


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