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Rosea Grady Welcomes Kanye West to James Harden’s Thirteen Restaurant

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The hospitality behind James Harden’s Thirteen restaurant brand continues to draw celebrity guests. The success of James Harden’s signature fine dining restaurant Thirteen can be attributed to several factors. Not the least of which is an unparalleled hospitality staff led by Rosea Grady, that continues to draw in celebrity A-listers for memorable experiences, while ensuring all guests receive the same VIP treatment.

Recently, Kanye West visited Thirteen Restaurant to explore their nightlife vibes, and Thirteen’s General Manager Rosea Grady was there to welcome him. Grady is the owner of Asesor Consulting, a firm that teaches others how to maximize restaurant hospitality, operations, management, design, and marketing. She was hired to open and oversee all endeavors of Harden’s Thirteen restaurant and is tasked with the primary responsibility of fostering resolute customer service and leading a dedicated team of specialized personnel to provide the best hospitality experience. Surprisingly, Grady was neither surprised nor nervous about meeting the superstar for the first time. Her focus was, as always, ensuring that he was given the best treatment, like any other customer who visits the premises. She was satisfied seeing Kanye and his entourage happy and smiling throughout the experience with everyone who interacted with him.

“True hospitality is characterized by an open response to the dignity of each and every person,” said Rosea Grady, Thirteen’s General Manager. “Whether it’s Kanye West, or the couple that lives around the block, it comes down to one single principle that if you treat people well, the very same way you would like to be treated, they will do the same. The hospitality business is all about giving the best to clients, from a place of love.” Grady’s principles are the principles that guide the order of operations at James Harden’s upscale Thirteen Restaurant. The NBA star founded the business with the mindset of love, a passion for excellent food and wine, and the need to bring something different and fresh to this demanding industry.

The restaurant’s mission is to give clients a memorable dining experience that will make them want to return. As a hospitality consultant, Grady has helped Thirteen Restaurant observe and counter all potential barriers that might impede its success. She advises restaurant owners to invest highly in getting the right personnel- people who are professional and share in their vision of efficiency. When Kanye walked into Thirteen Restaurant, Rosea Grady made sure that he felt welcomed, warm, and cozy. Thirteen is becoming a rising star of the hospitality industry because of its renowned brand and dedication to the highest standard of customer service. The restaurant, located at 1911 Bagby Street in Midtown, is one of Houston’s most beautiful and notable ‘see and be seen’ hotspots. Grady has been at the center of operations since the restaurant’s opening in March 2021, ensuring that the business model of this restaurant revolves around quality, service, and culture, as it is showcased to celebrities and daily customers.

Thirteen offers private and semi-private dining with an exclusive dining room, midtown outdoor patio, hookah lounge, and private VIP room located adjacent to their wine cellar, which is filled with over 2,000 bottles of wine from around the world! If you’re looking for a taste of Houston, go visit Rosea Grady at James Harden’s Thirteen restaurant.


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