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Who Is Han the Entity, And What Is Bandlab?

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On New Years Eve our local representatives reached out for comments at the height of Harrisburg’s Annual New Year’s Eve celebration at FNB Field, where he was spotted sharing inspirational words over video chat with close friend and business partner Cincinnati’s Flee about up and coming social media tools and their impact on today’s music industry. In days leading up to this grand celebration, Han was also reached for comment about his upcoming interview with the honorable mayor Eric Papenfuse on the positive role that Bandlab is beginning to play among young artists, Han commented that he was at this time “unable to disclose details due to the mayor’s transition out of office”. After speaking with the artist further our representatives asked Han how he is aiming to inspire a new wave of Bandlab artists. He stated that “Bandlab is basically the grand love child between Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud… Really a game-changing tool for artists who don’t have the money to go to and/or build their own studio” and that he has been “quickly gaining momentum on the app” as he further urges more new users to start there, with his final regards that his plans were to “Set a good example for the type of content used in lyrics so that when people listen to it they are taking away good principles instead of subliminally reinforcing bad habits of today’s society”. Stay tuned for our updates later this month for the full inside scoop.

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