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Tampa Bay’s Own Demxntia

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Tampa Bay based recording artist, Demxntia is back at it again prepping us all for the new year with his latest music video for “day of flight” featuring Dion Dugas. The halo-like visuals and diffused lighting shot by none other than Demxntia himself along with his crew Dion, Michael, and Je$epi, play so well with Demxtia’s auto tuned vocals.

A feel good track with a beautiful drum pattern as if night-core and lo-fi could be harmoniously blended to capture those last minute blues one feels when someone significant to you exits your life. Dion Dugas lends his voice in the second verse, really honing in on the listener’s sad boy hours.

The two have a great chemistry on this track with heart wrenching lyrics like “Now I’m wide awake barely breathing, but I stay strong and smile” is a burdening bar I’m sure many listeners have all felt at some point in their lives. The track is short and sweet, and a bittersweet take to end 2021 and look forward to what the new year brings.

Demxntia recently has mentioned that the first single for his upcoming album will drop January 14th featuring Kid Travis. We hope to hear more and see what’s in store.

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