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XNoEgoX Proves Why Success is Inevitable When You Focus On Something

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Gabe Arambula’s stage name is XNoEgoX. He is a well-seasoned artist who was born in LA, raised in Southern California, currently living in Huntington Beach. Apart from music, he is a Real Estate Agent, Loan Officer, and Father to beautiful children “2 boys, 3 girls.” XNoEgoX started making music as a vocalist for punk bands when he was a teenager. He also began writing then. He then developed a habit of writing music and creating beats. 

The now seasoned artist did his first music compilation in 1998. “My first real project was a compilation we made with a few local punk bands.” XNoEgoX continued explaining. He later said that he is not signed to a label. “No, right now my Tracks are being produced by Maskibeats. We’ll probably have something in the works in the near future.” He said.

Fast forward, XNoEgoX has released SofaDreamz which was a 12 track project. Additionally, he is also working on another 12 track project that will be out before February 2022. “It may sound a little overly ambitious, but I’d like to release a Multi-Track Project every month in 2022.” he ends.

You can reach him out via his Instagram @XNoEgoX

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