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The Bays own Show 4 Mayor pulled up to NYC

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The Bays own @show4mayor pulled up to NYC the first time so we had to PULL UP on him to hear what he’s been up to. I must say I never sat with an artists for less than an hour and was able to hear hit after hit, over 50 hits ready for the world to hear! He has his own producers, his own team of artist; a cannabis company and working on so much more. His parents raised him on all that good music from back and that classic Hip Hop, because of this he has an old soul a true ear for music. He’s even working with an artist who’s seen as a rivalry out in the Bay Area to kill the beef. He’s tapping into all sounds, bringing back lots of old school flavors and coming by storm. His humble ways of being keep him in tuned to what matters while creating. I was honored to meet the team and can’t wait for you all to hear what’s to come from him! “Intro” out now!

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