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OriJinal Shotta Is Next Up Out Of Nebraska With Collaborations from Icewear Vezzo, Payroll Giovanni & More

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OrIJinal Shotta, an Omaha rapper, is on his way to stardom with his newest EP releasing on December 31, 2021 titled “I Got Plays”. The independent trap artist has overcome much adversity, including the loss of his younger brother just 10 years ago. The EP release date marks the anniversary of his passing. Having endured the street life riddled with drugs and violence, OriJinal Shotta dedicated this past year entirely to his music with the purpose of offering free game and “coaching” fellow hustlers. OriJinal Shotta has potential to transform the trap genre, crafting a unique MidWest-based sound yet reminiscent of 2005 Young Jeezy during his early “Snowman” trap era.

“Where I have come from and the situations I have been through makes me stand out as an artist. My story is to teach others through coaching so what I say is to help others gain that hustler mentality and inspire others to change their lifestyle.”

OriJinal Shotta was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Not traditionally known for its hip hop presence, OriJinal Shotta is determined to put his hometown on the map and bring exposure to the hiphop/trap community. “My city is underrated. I call it the city of Atlantis because nobody knows it really exists the way it does. We have lots going on especially with the BLM movement that the country doesn’t even know of. I’m just here to be the voice of my city and prove to my people that you can make it out but you’ve got to hustle.” His voice will certainly be transformative in a genre that has been traditionally dominated by Southern and West Coast artists.

Music is proving to be his strong suite since he has only decided to take music seriously about one month ago and he has already released nine music videos. Three of those music videos have been with big heavy hitters in the industry from Icewear Vezzo to Snupe Bandz and rumor has it that he has other big features in the works. Most recently he released his visual with Payroll Giovanni and the video has already gotten hundreds of organic views in only a few hours. All of his visuals can be watched on his YouTube and his latest video is posted below.

Get to know more about OriJinal Shotta in the interview below:

Q: What inspired your artist name?

A: A Shotta is a gangsta & Original means an originator & I’m from Jaynes Street. I represent the J so I change the G to a capital J. I came up with the name based on the reputation I had built for myself.

Q:When did you start doing music? And when did you start taking it seriously?
A: November 2021. I am new to the game but I realized I have the talent and was offered to use it to make money.

Q: Do you dance?
A: Hell naw, but my diamonds do. You see it.

Q:Why music?
A: I am a trap coach teaching others what it takes to get money and live a better life. I come from a city that nobody really knows of and it’s a big deal for me to make it out of the city and represent those who live there. I’m a hustler at heart so I do whatever it will take to get me to the next level. Music happens to be the vehicle to get me there.

Q: What do you do outside of music and what are your future plans?
A: I currently breed French Bulldogs. I would like to just keep making money and staying low key if possible. I’m just here to make money and teach the game to others through my music. If I make it big then I make it big but I’d rather stay low key like what I’m used to.

You can find OriJinal Shotta on all streaming platforms!

IG: @orijinal_shotta
Facebook: OriJinal Shotta

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