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Have you experienced the shift?: Meet Nikki Phillip

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While most know her as Nikki Phillip, some call her the spirit whisperer, the sun dancer, the phoenix, the web weaver, the portal opener, the communicator through multiple realms and dimensions, the magician or the master of manifestations, some even say she’s one of the 144,000 chosen ones!! An actual reincarnation of the Egyptian prince from a past life… an earth angel with a direct connection to source disguised as a unicorn or a mermaid depending on the climate she’s in… but most importantly most recognize her as the most powerful healer of our time… through leading by example and carrying out the learned lessons of a kindred old spirit having a human experience with the principles given to her by her religious christian upbringing and being so intrigued with the stories of “ the B.I.B.L.E “ ( basic instructions before leaving earth ).

She has subconsciously shifted into the ascended master status while unknowingly cracking the code of the 3D matrix by continuing to only walk in the highest vibrational frequency known to mankind… LOVE! As she quotes, “I’ve always wanted MORE “ so I went on a personal inner journey to find just that… through my discovery I found myself and SOOOOOOO MUCH MORE!!! Just know this… the spiritual realm, channeling, mediums, numerology, psychics, warlocks, spiritual teachers and vampires, witches, light workers, twin flames, soul mates, spirit animals, ancestors, spiritual contracts, tarot readers, time travelers and telepathy is very much so real! You just have to open your mind and all of your eyes to see it. Absolutely EVERYTHING is connected. Get to know this EMPRESS and follow her journey… because quite frankly she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! Dear ROYALS, This STARSEED is back in the flesh and is clearly here to STAY!!!

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