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Upper Black Eddy PA’s Own Swayzzz (Cameron Chevalier)

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Cameron Chevalier or more professionally known as “Swayzzz” is a 15 year old upcoming artist from Upper Black Eddy, PA. He writes and records his own music and has been creating music ever since he was in 8th grade. Swayzzz first debut single was titled “Recover”, and his first project was called “SADBOIII”. His biggest inspirations for creating his music are Juice Wrld, Lil Peep, and The Kid LAROI. If you could classify Swayzzz music into a category it would fall into the “Emo ”; genre but it is still versatile in many ways from song to song. 
Swayzzz is such a young artist that he has much room to grow as and blossom into his own independent artist. He is still indie right now but he wouldn’t mind a record deal or a distro deal if one came to him with the right offer. His biggest supporters right now are his parents and his best friends Riley, Bri and Rob. He plans to release a new single on the last friday of January to set the new year off! 
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