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“The Metaclub Society is leaving a blueprint in the music industry as many artists and celebrities join”

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Recent times have seemed to be challenging for the entertainment world as a worldwide pandemic stopped communities from socializing and partying. Instead of dwelling, a group of visionaries decided to defy the odds. They gathered a group of ambitious and skilled people to strategize and create a unique concept that would revolutionize the world and they call it the “MetaClub Society”. Every member of the MetaClub would be able to make money while being part of the biggest and wildest events in the metaverse. The MetaClub Society is made up of 9,999 unique metaverse-ready 3D avatars generated from over 200+ high-fashion traits. They will represent the wildest version of you in the metaverse where you’ll be able to attend parties, concerts, and many of jeer live shows. Joining an ever-growing community, are some of todays biggest celebrities as the entertainment world is slowly adopting this new way of doing things. Since their public release, MetaClub has gone on to sell more than half of their NFTs and are on their way to a sell out. Many celebrities have joined the MetaClub Society since its launch such as Lil Pump, Smoke Purpp, Soulja Boy, Scott Storch, Khloe Terrae, and Dj Diddy to name a few. These mega stars will be doing live concert and performances in the MetaClub in the new year. The best part is that MetaClubber owners will be able to attend exclusive event like yacht parties, festivals, concerts, and more. If you were able to get your hands on one during the public sale, consider yourself amongst a group of elites who will be amongst the first to party in the metaverse. Make sure you visit their website ( to get your own metaclubber and get ready to party. You can follow them on Instagram here: @metaclubsociety

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