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Meet Blvd Bizz A Star In The Making

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Blvd Bizz who is born and raised in the neighborhood of “Ardwick And Finch” which is in the city of Toronto. Blvd is taking Canada by storm. Blvd Bizz has gained a fan base throughout Canada due to his unstoppable flow and unique lyrics. In many of Blvd Bizz’s music videos, he shows homage to where he grew up, the neighborhood, stores, and people from his hometown. Blvd Bizz shows us around the neighborhood he grew up in throughout the music video “Back In The Day” which is directed by talented videographer Kavin Roberts.
Blvd Bizz has racked in well over hundreds of thousands of views across YouTube on multiple videos and even featured on “DownFall” by Toronto pioneer Robin Banks which has racked in 1.5 million views. It’s safe to say Blvd Bizz is the next big artist out of Canada. We commend his unique style and flow, most songs it seems like he is gliding on the beat. Blvd Bizz has big things in store for his fans in 2022, but we can only patiently wait for the next hit to come.

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