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FeelSoul Gears Up For ‘The Pain of Blessings’ Release

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Feelsoul is an artist that brings high-level art content with the essence of real hip hop as his base.

He is the missing link between the music and the vibe of today’s music industry. As I began to listen to this project, I was caught off guard by just how good it was. I was taken to a deep place of relaxation groove, and needless to say, I was hooked in. I listened for three days straight, and it kept bringing me amazing vibes. The overall composition of impressive tracks one after another featuring dope beat selection and powerful punches and social commentary that puts you in the mind of a great speaker with melody and hard kicks behind him is my complete summary of the project.

Always ahead of the curb, I was introduced to Feelsoul under another name, but this new transition and rebranding are impressive. I found myself transported to a land where intellectual meets musical tones and vibration. Yeah, it is that level type of art, and I come to expect nothing less with this particular artist. The undeniable production mix with unique lyrical content has a wide-open lane. Feelsoul fills this lane and is ready to ride till the wheels fall off.

The first single, “For what it is (Blessings),” is a perfect example of what you can look forward to from the entire project. Levels above what is considered the competition, the bars are hard-hitting, the track is hip hop jazz and feels otherworldly. If you are a fan of high-level art pieces or a fan of actual concepts and metaphors that hit hard, this fantastic new project is going to knock your socks off.

‘The Pain of Blessings’ is solely produced by DJ PAIN 1 and is slated for a February 2022 release.

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