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Denzel Washington Best Performances Ranked By Our Followers

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In celebration of the man, the legend Denzel Washington’s 67th Birthday, we asked our followers on Instagram to list their favorite movies in his lengthy catalogue. Here is what won out on their top 5!

  1. Training Day – Staring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, this crime thriller film takes you on a ride with two LAPD narcotics officers over what is supposed to be one-day evaluation. Det. Alonzo Harris is a highly decorated officer, played by Denzel. Throughout the day, Harris puts Jake Hoyt through a series of unethical situations. From smoking confiscated marijuana in a pipe to witnessing Harris steal money, Jake just wants to get the day over and away from Harris. Only for Alonzo to ultimately put a hit out on Hoyt, who only survives because he saved the hired killer’s cousin. In the end, Alonzo dies but his swag lives on.

2. Malcolm X – A tribute the amazing black activist and leader of the black liberation, Denzel embodied the strength and ultimate demise of Malcolm X. Spike Lee plays his right hand when he was Malcolm Little and Angela Bassett plays his wife Betty Shabazz. Denzel helps us to fall in love with man that instilled the phrase,”Any means Necessary”. It was this performance that reminded us of our plight for equal rights and black unity.

3. Man on Fire – Ex- CIA officer John Creasy reluctantly takes a job as the bodyguard for a 9-year old. Mexico City where they live has a wave of kidnappings and corruption. When Lupita played by Dakota Fanning finds way to build a friendship with Creasy, she is ultimately kidnapped. Creasy is shot in the process but fights his way out to save her. He promises her mother that he will kill everyone involved with his disappearance and that he does. Also starring in the movie is Marc Anthony and Christopher Walken.



4.He Got Game – Starring Ray Allen, Denzel and Rosario Dawson, Jake Shuttleworth has been in jail for six years serving time for accidentally killing his wife and mother to his two children. His son Jesus Shuttleworth is the most sought after basketball player. The prison warden offers Jake a shorter sentence and a week of parole to convince Jesus to attend the governor’s alma mater. Jake must navigate the pain of actions, his children, the police and Jesus’ girlfriend to succeed.

5. American Gangsta – Denzel may have said “My Man” all through the movie but he made Harlem Drug Pin Frank Lucas notorious. Frank was deemed “the most dangerous man walking the streets” selling his pure blue magic across Harlem until Ritchie Roberts played by Russell Crowe vows to take him down. In the end, Lucas helps Roberts expose the corrupt officers and it results in three-quarters of the NY DEA and NYPD officers arrested and convicted. Roberts then becomes a defense attorney and takes Frank as his first client. Frank only serves 15 of his 70 year sentence. Also playing in this are hip hop legends Common, RZA and T.I. Denzel’s swag even inspired Jay Z to step in the booth reminding us that “Hovi’s Home, Lukey Baby”.



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