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Tavia TV – Don’t Look Up

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If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out “Don’t Look Up On Netflix. Not only was it hilarious to watch, it was painfully true how trying to convince the world to care about anything is quite frankly sometimes a sincere pain the butt.

Global Grind posted this about this about the film, “Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence), an astronomy grad student, and her professor Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) make an astounding discovery of a comet orbiting within the solar system. The problem — it’s on a direct collision course with Earth. The other problem? No one really seems to care. Turns out warning mankind about a planet-killer the size of Mount Everest is an inconvenient fact to navigate. With the help of Dr. Oglethorpe (Rob Morgan), Kate and Randall embark on a media tour that takes them from the office of an indifferent President Orlean (Meryl Streep) and her sycophantic son and Chief of Staff, Jason (Jonah Hill), to the airwaves of The Daily Rip, an upbeat morning show hosted by Brie (Cate Blanchett) and Jack (Tyler Perry). With only six months until the comet makes impact, managing the 24-hour news cycle and gaining the attention of the social media obsessed public before it’s too late proves shockingly comical — what will it take to get the world to just look up?!”

Not only do Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi act in the movie, they also released their song titled “Just Look Up.” Ariana, who plays Riley and Kid Cudi who plays DJ Chello, are a famous estranged couple. They decide to help Kate and Dr. Randall by improvising a love song to beg their fans to listen to the “goddam qualified scientists” and that the damage to our planet is “happening in real time,” a reference to the wider climate crisis we are currently experiencing, not just a fictional comet hitting the earth. The song they performed was penned specifically for the film. Check out the video below!

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