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Rising Star, Ali Ciwanro, is Captivating the World with His Words

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Prodigy songwriter, Ali Ciwanro is a wordsmith who has been creating lyrics for songs since he was a child in grade school. In order to get his frustrations out, he turned to songwriting, which developed into a means of transforming his bleak situation into something remarkable. The gifted songwriter was born on November 25, 2001, in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, and has already contributed to two projects that have achieved gold status. Since then, he’s collaborated with a number of German artists, as well as an American artist on a full-length album that will be released in the near future.

The Creative Process

Ali Ciwanro works with musicians that want to establish a more personal connection with their audience. He sets off on his own to find a peaceful area where he can unleash his creative juices. The alone time gives him the opportunity to write down exactly what he’s thinking, feeling, or experiencing. After he’s opened himself up, he infuses his similes and multisyllabic rhyming chains into his writing to create a hit. The young artist, who writes his songs on his own, is not opposed to working with other musicians in the studio. When it comes to his legacy, he wants people to recognize that he is a true lyricist with heart and soul who expresses himself through his songs.


In terms of ethics, the budding artist takes a lot of cues from his father. His father instilled in him a strong set of moral principles that he can draw on as he makes his way in the music business. The German artist PA Sports and the American musician Eminem inspire him when it comes to music. When it came to his music, PA Sports was a man who didn’t hold back. When the young songwriter heard his music, he was instantly swayed by it and became hooked on the art form. It was Eminem’s success as a rapper that inspired the artist to keep improving his craft.

Closing Remarks

Ali Ciwanro, a phenomenally talented songwriter, doesn’t like to ponder whether or not his songs would be accepted in today’s music market. As soon as the pen touches the pad, he springs to his feet, pulling strength from whatever surfaces. Ali Ciwanro has a lot of exciting projects in the works for next year, and he can’t wait to share them with everyone.


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