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An Exclusive interview with the massively talented Angela Mazzanti

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When your passion comes calling, you have no option but to heed the call. That is how Angela Mazzanti’s story began. Her deep-rooted interest in music has defined her journey. However, she has since branched into other things, diversifying her career.

Angela Mazzanti is an American rapper, model, and influencer. She was born in California, where she grew up listening to music and playing drums and the saxophone. Once she joined high School, Mazzanti found her interest in music changing as she joined a metal band. For most of her school career, Mazzanti played in the band until she took an interest in rapping at age 19.

For most of her life, Mazzanti has explored various genres of music to find the one that best suits her. She explains that her passion for making and listening to music is not confined to specific genres; she likes to explore the endless world of music.
Music producer LX Xander was the first to spot Mazzanti and signed her to Ghostcraft Music. She released her first single, ‘We so mob,’ which featured Rick Ross in 2018. She released another song, ‘The Greatest,’ that featured Caskey the following year. Her music has been making waves in the industry as she redefines her standards.

Angela Mazzanti is also an influencer. She is very active on her social platforms, which has allowed her to grow her music and brand. With more than 600 000 followers, she has worked with brands to promote products, especially cannabis.
On being heavily tattooed, Mazzanti says that she found her identity in expressing herself through tattoos. This has given her a unique edge as an artist in the digital space. She has worked as a model since 2009.

Angela Mazzanti believes that life is what you make it. That is why she is hard at work, creating the life she wishes to live.

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