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Rapper O.O.A.K Talks Respect In The Game, Fan Love and New Music

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O.O.A.K. is an artist who has arguably put much work into shaping a very distinctive and personal sound. His music speaks to the audience because it feels inherently authentic and genuine, a quality that makes his lyrics feel all the more unique and easy to relate to for people of all backgrounds. Whether a rap fan or just a casual listener, you will undoubtedly find something in O.O.A.K.’s most recent studio efforts. Some artists will tell you about their “rags to riches” stories. Others will tell you that they aim to make a bang and live like big celebrities. However, O.O.A.K. has a much different story that is infinitely more relatable and down to earth, far from the usual cliches. He loves to make music out of a passion for doing something he loves and feels strongly about.

He has released various well-received tracks on digital streaming services. However, one of his most successful tunes happens to be his project, Show Stoppa, which is doing remarkably well on Spotify, not to mention the listeners who follow O.O.A.K. on some other digital music services, such as Apple Music! The whole project kicks off with a very atmosphere-driven introduction. Still, it later evolves to bring more energy to the mix and set the bar higher with an astonishing dynamic range that feels spontaneous and one-of-a-kind.

O.O.A.K respects others in the game because he understands the drive it takes to make an impression in such a fast-paced industry. He also worked hard to develop his original sound instead of simply creating the carbon copy of someone else’s formula––it’s why his sound is always so utterly unique and captivating. The secret to success in hip-hop, where there is so much competition, is that O.O.A.K has a way of engaging with his audience seamlessly, which garners the viability he needs to grow his platform and influence.

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