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Our Top Tariq Moments From The Hit Series Power

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Tariq St. Patrick has always been the kid we loved to hate. From the moment Tariq was ultimately responsible for the death of his twin sister Raina, fans instantly wanted him punished in every sense of the word. The fan fury was ultimately quieted by Executive Producer 50 Cent after he took to social media to protect Michael Rainey Jr from his lifelike portrayal of Tariq and give him some much needed peace from the trolls.

Today, Tariq is running the show as the new Ghost in town. Fans love the maturity the young bull has shown after killing his own father. With Tasha in protective custody from her run in with Tommy, Tariq has found solace with the Tejadas Family led by none other than Monet played by Mary J. Blige. The new team resembles Ghost’s escape goat Davis reminding us of
Proctor and his nemesis Cain reminding us of Kanan. With the two week break driving fans in a #FreeTariq frenzy, we thought maybe it was time to list our top Tariq moments from the hit series.

  1. Tariq kills Jabari Reynolds – “It always comes down to me, my family and the gun”

Even though Professor Reynolds only wanted to be famous, he chose the wrong kid to try to shakedown. His unhealthy obsession with finding out who Tariq really was behind his cool demeanor found him staring down the barrel of a gun. Watching closely to every move Jabari made, we all knew it wouldn’t end well for him. Ultimately, Tariq had to chose and we all know Tariq had no choice but to take him. It was at that moment fans believe that Tariq became Ghost.

2. Tariq, Brayden and Cane Oh My

In Season 2 Episode 3, Tariq and Brayden meet with Cane for the drug exchange and scene looks awfully like Ghost and Tommy’s meet up with Kanan. Brayden comes with a different idea for distributing their drugs to buyers. He suggests replacing the bricks in the wall with 3D printed bricks molded to look like real bricks. Behind the fake bricks would be a wall of lockers. Each locker would carry a camera to scan a barcode, and that barcode opened the locker with the drugs. This way, there was no face-to-face contact with buyers. They simply provided a code. It was in that meeting Cane learns that Brayden has a lot of control over Tariq which as a leader looks bad, where Ghost always controlled Tommy. Things heat up when Mecca enters the picture.

3. Tariq Has Sex With Lauren

In an interview, Michael said “You got two beautiful women in his life right now. But the thing is, he’s trying to figure out who he can trust,” he said. “Because, you know, Diana — she’s a little easier to trust because she’s in the streets. That’s No. 1. No. 2, they kind of have something in common with Tariq’s mom being in jail and her dad being in jail. I feel like they’re close — in the same world.” He added, “He can trust Lauren, but she can’t really know what Tariq is going through because what he’s going through is not normal at all. She’s a regular school girl; a lot of things that Tariq is going through will probably blow her mind. “But if I have to pick, honestly, I would say Diana.” Yet by Season 2, Tariq and Lauren had sex! Fans jumped to the internet citing they knew the pair would eventually hook up.

4. Mecca, you are the Father

Once again, the internet erupted when the truth was revealed that Zeke was not Monet’s nephew but her son with her former flame Mecca. Monet initially went to Lorenzi to request he allow her to put their home up for collateral to pay Davis 1 million dollars and he refused. Monet then confronts Mecca for actually making the payment where he responded that Zeke was in fact their son and he would do anything to protect him.

5. Upon being locked up, Tariq receives a letter from Ghost

Last but not least, came recently when Tariq was ultimately locked up after Cane planted Detective Ramirez’s badge in his dorm room. This comes right after getting beat up and winning temporary custody of his sister Yasmin from his alcoholic grandmother. Fans drifted into nostalgia and they remembered when Ghost was arrested in previous season. The icing the cake was the letter he received from Ghost’s lawyer as he sits behind bars. In the what is the deemed the pettiest moment in TV history, Ghost writes ” I knew you’d end up here, lil n*gga. Right where you belong.”


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