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How D’usé Saida Is Taking the Music Industry by Storm

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The music industry receives thousands of new artists every day. Everyone is working hard to break through to the mainstream, which is never easy. Only a few highly talented and hardworking artists get the chance to make their musical dreams come to life. 

Rising against the odds to take the industry by storm is D’usé Saida, a highly gifted musician. D’usé Saida, or Hanna Dus, is one of the fast-rising female artists making their mark on the sector. She has become a sensation with her great music, which most of her fan base finds thrilling and entertaining to listen to.

D’usé Saida’s unique talent has also gained traction with different industry players. She has worked with many extremely credible producers, stylists, and photographs. D’usé Saidais’s music writing skills earned her a writing placement overseas with the rapper “Lil TJay” and an Italian singer “Serena Rigacci.” D’usé Saidas’ first music video, “Madame Ponsardin,” is also one of her significant achievements as it introduced her to the industry perfectly. She is proud of it, and the videos have just kept getting better since then. Also, her duo group has a lot of great visuals in the bank right now as they have been shooting with Roarinlion primarily, an extremely talented cameraperson and editor. 

Success is never easily realized, and sometimes you have to go through numerous storms to make it. Moving her entire life to a new city and finding a family while living in Brooklyn was her significant challenge. However, she is proud of her younger self for having the courage to create friendships that have since become family. 

“I’ve done a lot of things since being on my own that I’d never had thought I’d have to deal with. The pandemic was one of the biggest challenges I’ve overcome as well. It gave me a lot of time to work on my craft, but it also weighed heavily on my mental health.” Adds D’usé Saida

A predominantly self-made story, D’usé Saida believes you can always count on yourself to thrive in any industry. Never underestimate what one person can do, but don’t ever be fooled into thinking you can do it all alone. Her advice is to build a strong team and foundation of people you trust and who care about the craft. It would help to have diligent people on your side as not every day will be good. There will be extremely difficult days, but working hard will get you to where you want to be. Don’t be discouraged, ever. Instead, use everything as a reason to keep fighting for yourself.

With great admiration for Frank Ocean and Kendrick’s way of releasing music, D’usé Saida aspires to become the female version of them by releasing tracks that emphasize quality over quantity. She wants to create timeless projects, timeless singles, timeless music like her favorites Erykah, Amy, and MIA. D’usé Saida also wants to do bigger and better things once she is in a place to, not only for herself but also for her family, women, children, animals, and people everywhere. This includes serving as a role model for many other aspiring artists in the industry.

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