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Big “Kilo” Monroe is Gearing up for a Huge 2022

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Big “Kilo” Monroe is proudly championing her own authentic strain of R&B and Hip-Hop, brandished with an unapologetic attitude like no other. Having been proclaimed as a “superstar” by the one and only Trina, the only way is up for the Los Angeles-based artist, with her self-titled “real-life music” harboring limitless potential and the illest vibes.

Free-flowing, lyrically rich, and completely her own, Kilo’s no-nonsense and attention-demanding combination of delivery and wordplay has rendered her an artist to pay attention to in 2022 and beyond.

Originally hailing from the east side of Niagara Falls, New York City, Kilo grew up in the projects in a place called Unity Park. Nicknamed “The Trenches,” the unforgiving terrain of derelict buildings introduced Kilo to hardship from a young age. Poetry quickly became a distraction, but moreover, a relief – with her poems even being published in her local Public Library by the age of twelve. In addition to the pastime providing Kilo with a means of temporary escape, these early pieces of writing were also the earliest indicators of the lyrical potential that shone through her.

With her music a reflection of her life and her life defined by music, Kilo holds the goal of letting listeners know that they aren’t alone and that it’s okay to have problems. From her roots of performing with Lather Gang and PRIME DYMES spitters in her teens to more recently opening for Gucci Mane, Fabolous, Pleasure P, Benny the Butcher and Trina, Kilo is destined for a life in

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