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Theprinceofnc “Prince Did It” Album Review

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If Netflix was to create a inspirational documentary about Theprinceofnc it would go something similar to this: Theprinceofnc was a troubled teenage kid who grew up in North Carolina with multiple traumatized events that would change his life forever. Graduating from high school and continuing his education attending 3 different colleges. All while about to maintain a unique music career . Recently went viral for his hit track “Intro” which was apart of his “Life” album. Theprinceofnc has delt with many deaths in his life which all had huge effects in his life and has a huge inspiration on his music. Not only the death’s of his loved ones but also failed relationships take a huge toll on Theprinceofnc and can be reflected in his music.

Theprinceofnc dropped his anticipated album “Prince Did It” on November 2nd. His headlining track “Keep Going” has already racked up an impressive 100K on Youtube on the first week of release . Keep going was described as “Accomplishments and Motivation”, Theprinceofnc said. He boast and talks about how life has been going within the previous year. Theprinceofnc album is made of 8 tracks with only 3 having features. The prince “?” Track features upcoming artist King Statik & Chappofrm919 . Rumors are that King Statik & Chappofrm919 are both Theprinceofnc’s cousin’s and made it onto the music scene late 2020.

“?” is definitely a top 3 song on the album and is about sneaky links and being the side guy to females who are in relationships or dealing with someone else. Theprinceofnc starts off the track saying “Shhh girl don’t say to much, you my sneaky link nobody need’s to know wassup”. King Statik finish’s off the song with a great verse. Another popular song on the album is “GTA” and can be described as a “hardcore” rap song. GTA has a different flow than any other song on the album and I would list it as the 2nd best track on the album behind “Keep Going. Theprinceofnc is very versatile and have multiple different flows on his album.

If you have been keeping up with Theprinceofnc music then you would know that “2AM” and “Trapademic” were both previously released on his mixtape “Trapademics Volume 1”. Both have music videos released on Youtube which has racked up thousands of views. “2AM” has a hispanic vibe and is very upbeat . Many of artist would have issues flowing on the disparate beat but Theprinceofnc & King Statik really raised the bar. Theprinceofnc also said his plan for his album is to mainly push “Insane, ?, Keep Going and GTA”. He was very verbal and quick to let us know he only likes those 4 songs on the album.

Theprinceofnc music continues to grow more mainstream with every release he has and is slowly breaking into the mainstream lane. He continues to push for disparate beats with many weepy loops . His music steers clear of nothing but surprises and risks considering he is very consistent and seems to make a impact every time he releases a new project. Theprinceofnc “Prince Did It” album is ranked 7 out of 10.






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