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Dollar and A Dream Motto With LaDerrius ‘Tukay’ Barksdale

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All he had was a “Dollar and a Dream” when he turned that dream into his everyday life. LaDerrius ‘Tukay’ Barksdale, the creator of “Talks with Tukay”, was just starting his production business with only an iPhone camera, a MacBook, a black background smock, and an editor app,
when the pandemic came in March 2020 and locked everyone in the home.

‘Tukay’ took that time to seize the moment, so he went out on a limb and used his hard-earned money to purchase quality production equipment and to put together a better set and audience.

-‘ Talks with Tukay’ for many is today’s modern-day talk show and many viewers come for the excitement and thrill they get from logging into a live stream video of a regular person airing out their own business. Sounds crazy, right? Yeah, Barksdale knows! ‘Tukay’ says he receives the classic hate mail but like any other hard-working minority from the south, “When you finally see the brighter side you can’t let nobody drag you back down to the dark side with negativity.”

Supporters reach out from every corner of the United States sharing nice words and donating money to the show, which ‘Tukay’ gives back to the guests of his show. Although some see Barksdale’s radical method
of bringing hood injustices to the internet, ‘Tukay’ is benevolent and genuine with his actions and words.

-Although podcasting is not only Barksdale’s hobby, dream, and job, he is also a father to two girls and a husband. “Work for me never stops. I’m usually up by 7 am and sleep after 2 am every night. I play hard and work harder.”, says ‘Tukay’. Barksdale says his supporters are in for a lovely surprise as he has major projects coming involving more of his family members. ‘Tukay’ plans to expand the horizon for his production company and will be bringing “some different entertainment viewers have never seen before”. To tap into the “Talks with Tukay” podcast follow ‘Tukay’ on Youtube, Apple Music, Youtube, Facebook, and all other major streaming platforms. You can also follow ‘Tukay’ on all social media platforms @TALKSWITHTUKAY.

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