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Black Prez is re-shaping the Music Industry

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Rapper Black Prez from Germany is as good as they come. In his journey within the music industry, he has successfully found a way to break through the cracks. He is heavily into the Sync-Licensing side of Music and is thriving effortlessly. Black Prez was born June 21st and they say “summer babies are happy babies” and Black Prez is as joyful as can be. He did some work with Shaun Reynolds and when asked about that time he said, “I really like working with Shaun Reynolds. He is a dope producer from London and whenever we get in the studio together the ideas flow so easily. We usually drink a couple and have a few songs done in a couple of hours”. We also asked him who he’d like to work with dead or alive and he responded, “I want to work with Dr. Dre. I watched a documentary about how he linked up with Eminem in the studio and made a hit right away. It was really inspiring to me and I want to hopefully do something similar”. Black Prez is headed in the right direction, currently sitting at 178k monthly listeners, he has re-shaped what it means to truly be independent. Over 20 Million streams later and he’s showing zero signs of slowing down.
Follow him @blackprez to see more of him.

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