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Sah’s Luxury Car Rental Company Attracts Celebrities in Miami

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Growing up with a love for exotic cars, Sah was able to hone in on his passion and utilize it to launch JCG LLC. He expressed that he wanted everyone to experience the enjoyment of driving luxury cars. Sah has also given back to the comunity in a multitude of ways.

By raising the funds via his AirBnb business and maintaining good credit, he was able to pave the way and make history in Miami as one of the go-to luxury car rental companies in the area. He stated, “I walked into a business that already existed and just added my taste to it with my cars. The culture of Miami is citywide and goes along with what we offer.”

Sah’s clientele consists of entertainment industry icons such as Jaquae and Safaree. He has also provided services for many stars from the hit series Love and Hip Hop.

When asked what he feels makes a good entrepreneur He explained, “Being able to understand what’s coming before it does and also having an exit strategy in everything that you do; in my opinion, one of the necessary qualities.”

For anyone seeking the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, Sah offers some advice, “Start! It’s as simple as that.” As a successful and business savvy entrepreneur, he shared that he does not have employees…only partners and investors. Additionally, he networks with brokers who he considers significant components in his line of work. The broker has the connections necessary to bring traffic to the company.

It is apparent that Sah has implemented well thought out strategies to ensure the success of his business. He expressed, “Success is being able to live to your level of comfort and I’m still working on it.” He is focused on being a father and sharing his wealth of knowledge with his daughter. Sah is undoubtedly the best in his industry! Be sure to connect with him for state of the art exotic cars when you’re in Miami!

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