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June Poole Is Putting On For The Bay Area

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When music is surrounding you, it almost feels like a future career within it seems inevitable. Twenty year-old Bay Area artist June Poole has always leaned toward music growing up. He’s known in his hometown of Hayward, CA for his athletic abilities having played basketball, baseball and football. June could have gone either way when it came to his next step in life but ultimately chose music. It wasn’t until during the COVID Pandemic, Summer 2020, that he stepped in the studio with his big cousin and experimented with melodies where he wanted to go full time as a musician/songwriter. The independent artist dropped a few singles “Like It’s Nothin,” “Blame Me” and “Westside” to name a few. His big break came in October 2021 when he was invited to open up for a Migos concert at Colorado University, Boulder’s Homecoming. Since then, he’s released 20 more songs, and has collaborated with a few well-known producers such as Clayton Williams from Empire Records.

Listen to June Poole’s music and you’ll definitely be in a mood to dance and all around vibe to. “It’s going to make you feel good, which is how I want my fans and supporters to feel.” His sound is comparable to Jeremih, Chris Brown and Drake. The R&B/Pop artist has been keeping busy with his newest single “Red Flags” which is inspired by the most recent viral relationship “red-flag” trend on social media.
You can listen to the song available on all streaming platforms and the music video is out now!

Youtube: June Poole
Instagram: @jpooole
Facebook: June Poole

June Poole is living the dream and he shares more of his insights below.

Q Where do you currently live?
A. I just recently moved to Los Angeles from Hayward, CA, not too far from Oakland. It was better to be here in LA to network for my music career. I’m currently learning all aspects of the industry to enhance my performance on stage-vocal lessons, dance rehearsals, etc.

Q: Why Music?
A: Music has always been an essential part of my life- a way to escape certain things. At first I thought I would be a rapper, just messing around with beats. But when I started putting more melodies together, I leaned more toward singing. So I call myself an artist rather than a specific title because I can do both!

Q: Who is your inspiration?
A: My family, my parents and my sisters are my motivation because they support everything I do! It’s only right I make it happen for them. Outside of music I surround myself with loved ones, they’re really the ones that keep me going! They remind me to always have a good time. To never settle, always go for what you want in this one life we get.

Q: When did you record your first song?
A: I recorded my first record in October 2020 and dropped my first song, Tom Brady. Since then I’ve recorded at least 20 songs, some released. The others, you’ll have to wait and see by following my socials:)

Q: Do you have any music videos out? If so, please include all links.
A: Yes, I have 7 videos out now, I got “Lost in Your Ways”, “Bag Up ft. Lil Bean” (a Bay Area rapper), “Like It’s Nothin”, “Blame Me ft. Mari Taylor (another Bay Area artist). Lastly there’s “ West Side” and “All Summer.” “Red Flags” is coming soon!

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