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YK Osiris Makes Sure To Spread Joy “This Christmas”

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Piano chords first introduce the melody, YK flexes his R&B-inspired vocals ensuring to get us in the holiday spirit as he reaches some angelic notes. The song progressively switches into an upbeat, gospel number, with organs and a tambourine. He sings, “Fireside is blazing bright/ We’re caroling through the night/ And this Christmas will be/ A very special Christmas for me.” Osiris is surrounded by presents and a car.

YK Osiris just turned 21 a couple months ago and definitely shows his maturity with this choice of music. “I knew my voice was very power­ful and you can relate to it,” he says. “You be like, ‘Damn, I could feel him. I could feel his pain.’ What I went through. My veins be pop­ping out. You can just see me and my expres­sion.”

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