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Exclusive: Pop Queen Lourvssa Is All Ready to Welcome the New Year

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The year is coming to a close, but there is still room for some heavy-hitting releases.  Such happens to be the case of Lourvssa’s duo-single release ‘give it all to me/london nights’ a back-to-back deluxe version that the artist released in early December.


As an established artist, Lourvssa has taken giant steps ahead in a reasonably short period, and I guess that’s what happens when you focus all your energy on songwriting original composition and producing what your fans love.  As a native to New Zealand (back and forth between the US), she has absolutely been turning heads, especially on her recent iHeart Radio feature, where she was invited to join ‘Artist Spotlight’ but couldn’t attend due to a family emergency.  She is also getting ready to expand to a much broader audience. Her following is growing swiftly with over 30,000 loyal fans Spotify followers so much so that these recent releases are crushing the streaming game.

As a rising artist, Lourvssa has grown up in the music culture. Hence, the local scene encouraged her to devise her own style and pursue a larger-than-life sound––sonically unifying people and lifting moods.  In addition, she loves to make music that feels expressive and energetic, and “what happened?/london nights” are a celebration of her passion for flourishing and colouring out of the lines.  She’s taking her career to new apexes, and she is ready to take on any obstacle because she has the tools to succeed.  Her music feels like the perfect representation of an artist who finds herself on a creative edge, strategizing her catalogue with the likes of pop culture.


Lourvssa’s medium stands out due to her diverse and eclectic background, and her influence symbolizes what this vetted talent can execute seamlessly and distinctively.  Lourvssa’s artistry is most definitely going to connect with a fan of world-class acts such as Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Ava Max, only to mention but a few.



Keep up with Lourvssa, and listen to her latest below:




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