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Meet Avante – A Rising Figure in the Music Industry

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Avante Price, better known as Avante, is one of the most dynamic forces in music today. Year after year, he’s proven himself to be a ubiquitous cultural figure, consistently bridging high and low, mainstream and underground, with remarkable tact and reverence.The Chicago music scene is highly generic; you’re either a trap or drill artist. As a result, many doors have been closed for young musicians since their music was not being heard. Fortunately for Avante, he understood that music was more than just a hobby; it was a chance for him to alter his life and the lives of people around him, so quitting wasn’t an option.

Avante discovered his passion for music while growing up in poverty, and he recognised that holding a 9-5 job would not improve his family’s financial situation. He was always on the lookout for music, despite the fact that singing and rapping were not in his wheelhouse. Fortunately for him, his father was a local DJ, so this piqued his attention. When he was seven years old, his father gave him his first vinyl record. Avante was instantly enamored with it, to the point where he wanted to marry it. Months later  Avante finds himself competing in a DMC Vinyl Dj competition after getting attention from local DJs. With his family’s belief and support, he was able to make it to the national finals, where he finished fourth. Remember, he wasn’t competing against people his age. He was the lone child in the group; the rest were adults.

Avante was well-known throughout high school for being the school’s DJ. He was in charge of all of the school dances, shows, and neighborhood concerts, and he even DJed at teacher parties. Because Avante was well-known in his neighborhood, he attracted the attention of other well-known figures from all over Chicago. Avante’s career took a turn when he was invited to a private studio session with several well-known DJs. This session was his first exposure to “House Music.” Avante had always wanted to go into this but never had the time. Having over 5 expertly created DJs in one session was the ideal opportunity for him to get his feet wet. From a neighborhood DJ to a mainstream hitmaker, he’s come a long way. Years later, with singles like “Myself,” “Take Me Away,” and “Baby,” Avante continues to demonstrate why he’s one to watch!. Avante want’s all his fans to know that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself. Tune in with Avante!

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