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From the Bricks to Beaches

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The new sounds are hitting the streets from a Brick city, Jersey artist, Visous Eye. This east coast sensational lyricist raised in Newark, NJ is now bringing the heat to Miami. Visous Eye born Alejandro Cuesta has versatile styles in different languages. He can spit in both Spanish and English and is dominating the vocals with extreme music for the upcoming year. This exquisite talented artist strives hard to rock every verse for his fans. He is dominating flows from real life experiences which generates good vibes. Visous Eye is passionate about his musical appearance. This has landed him to be in all major platforms where the music is enjoyed across the globe.
His clear and catchy flows make the lyrics understandable. There are no Ghost writers in his music which makes him an authentic lyrisict. He started by performing in the Miami city night life and is now working on his production to get major events across the globe. Visous is managing his personal and artist life through many hurdles since he is an amazing father to 6 beautiful children. His family dynamics includes four boys and identical twin girls. Still he handles himself well with prompt availability for what the music industry is requesting from him. He puts in many late nights in the studio and clubs making sure people get in tune with his music. His music is not all, he also strives to be there in his children’s life and events making him an involved father. Don’t take my word for it go check him out on social media platforms like Instagram @visous_eye, Facebook Visous Eye and TikTok @visouseye were he displays his new music and visuals

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