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Tavia TV – And Just Like That Chris North Is Facing Sexual Assault

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From The TV Screen to the Movies, Sex and The City has been on the lips of every woman. Four friends that any girl group could readily identify with. Whether you were uptight like Charlotte, free spirited like Samantha, Shoe crazy like Carrie or frigid like Miranda, there isn’t anyone that wasn’t rooting for Mr. Big.

With the reboot afoot and fans disappointment with Samantha not returning to the series citing some real life friction between actresses Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, Mr. Big didn’t make it to the second episode. After Carrie is dragged to her god daughter’s recital, John hits his Peloton exercise where he ultimately collaspes and suffers a heart attack. Carrie finds him and frantically kisses him but never calls 911. It’s as though they knew the end was near.

The episode caused many viewers heart ache and to run and cancel their Peloton subscriptions. It also caused the company’s shares to drop. Peloton quickly rebounded and released a statement speaking to Mr. Big’s lifestyle as the cause of death and not the bike. They also released this commercial below.

Later on, we would find that Chris North, who plays Mr. Big, may have died early on the show in light of his sexual assault allegations. In a report by the Daily Beast, a woman told the outlet that the actor had sexually assaulted her while working at a NYC restaurant in 2010. According to the outlet, the woman in question was on 18 at the time. Despite a rep for North telling PEOPLE, “The story is a complete fabrication, and the alleged accounts detailed throughout read like a piece of bad fiction,” A3 Artists Agency dropped Chris from their roster.

Two other women came forward with incidents happening in 2004 in Los Angeles and 2015 in New York, but Chris North has stated that both accounts were “consensual”.