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Real Estate Guru, Motivational Coach, & Musician Josh Kilby Releases New Track ‘Yo Mama’

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Josh Kilby has made a killing as a social media coach, motivator, and real estate guru. His influence grows every day, amassing over 100K followers on his personal Instagram page.


Kilby has made it his mission to release music that no one has heard before in an attempt to make him and his peer’s car rides a little less boring. The musician and brand curator dropped ‘Yo Mama’, his first release to be posted on all major streaming platforms. Kilby invited a couple of local MCs to collaborate on the track with him.


‘Yo Mama’ features a classic boom-bap instrumental, sharp bar for bar lyrics and aggressive deliveries from the guest star MCs. Kilby says that the release is only the first of many he is planning. “There is too much dope talent out there’, explained Kilby. “I think it’s cool these guys were willing to hop on something and let me release it. I’ve gotten a lot of messages of people telling me how this has brightened their day-to-day work. Especially my real estate friends.”


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