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Prince Lord in Chicago

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Prince Lord is an undeniably talented street rapper from the South Side of Chicago and is the latest up and coming rapper. With his clever word play and witty punchlines, Prince Lord’s real & street rap style uses storytelling to paint the picture of pain, survival, and navigating the rough streets of Chicago.
Following his successful single “Pain In Her Face” which gained the attention of local Chicago radio stations and DJ’s; Prince Lord is set to release his highly anticipated
Mixtape- Blick Verses!
Blick Verses is a collection of raw and honest accounts of the street life centered around gun play.
“Blick Verses”, which is a follow up to “DaBlick” released earlier this year, showcases Prince Lord’s array of talent; allowing him to use his skills as a successful Battle Rapper and natural song writing ability to highlight who he is an Artist. He does NOT disappoint!

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