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Johnnie Hayes Touching and Impacting Life with His Music and Message

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Getting into the music industry with the sole aim of making an impact on lives is nothing new, but Johnnie Hayes backs his impact up with action. The New York City-based artist established a non-profit organization to improve lives in New York City while overseeing another nonprofit committed to making global changes and impact. There is more to what Johnnie Hayes stands for beyond music, but music is the primary propagator that draws attention to all the good he tries to do in the world.

Johnnie Hayes took music up at the age of seven as a student at the Harlem School of the Arts. He was also a church boy who got involved in the music department, which gave him a more well-rounded knowledge of the fundamentals of music. Johnnie gained a unique approach to music and fame, which has shaped his artistry and philanthropic activities. He is known for his soulful lyrics and urban sound, which he expressed in his song “African Girls.” The urban funky song paying homage to the beauty of African women had its music video released recently, and Johnnie Hayes has received kudos for his efforts. Johnnie describes himself as an artist who has the innate ability to empathize with people from various backgrounds. “So, if my music is not uplifting, then I’m working behind the scenes to improve people’s lives. My life experiences have shaped me this way, and I’m glad for it because it gives me immense peace,” he said.

Johnnie Hayes is the founder of Talent Urban Resource Network (TURN), a nonprofit based in New York that engages at-risk youth in the Tri-State area with music coaching and training. The nonprofit leverages Johnnie’s resources to train young people in different areas of music, such as music production, songwriting, and various outreaches in the musical talent development area. In 2016, he was appointed to lead another faith and humanitarian initiative called Global Environmental Exchange Network (G.R.E.E.N), committed to providing essential resources like financial support, emotional care and support, and educational resources to the less privileged youth worldwide. G.R.E.E.N has a presence in countries like Ethiopia, China, India, and Thailand, reaching hundreds of lives.

With his personal beliefs deeply rooted in spirituality, Johnnie Hayes’ primary mission is to inspire everyone around him. “I have learned to accept failure and turn it around. Spirituality has brought me closer to where I want to be, and all I want is to be an inspiration to everyone around me,” he said. He also takes pride in bringing cultures together through music while sharing his unique perspective and experiences with his audience.

Since the Johnnie Hayes brand came to life, he has worked assiduously to control his brand, identity, music, and career. That explains why everything he’s up to right now is geared toward expanding his platform, influence, and reach. His five-year goal is to represent a bigger, broader platform capable of touching thousands of lives with his music and message.

Learn more about Johnnie Hayes on his official Instagram page.

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