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From His Humble Beginnings, Rising Rapper Agbon Is Taking Center Stage in the Music Industry with THE LEAGUE

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The music industry is filled with talented artists who started at such a young age, honing their craft and building their passion for the art. Agbon is one of these people, a rising artist who started rapping at the age of thirteen. “I originally started recording music with my older cousin, found a liking in it so I wanted to keep it going “ said Agbon when asked about how it all got started. Shortly after he grouped up with a few day one childhood friends & formed ‘NYLA’ which stood for N****s You Love Always.

NYLA was made up of Hutchthegift, the producer Ricebvvl, Maccwrittenhouse and Agbon. “It was fun. Actually getting in the studio & making songs from scratch since we had actual beats not just remixing others. After a while tho, we grew out of the NYLA thing, but those are still my brothers till this day,” shared Agbon. In 2016, he & Hutch decided to rebrand with a new approach, together they formed The League, a rap duo that had immense chemistry much like their early days in NYLA.

“Not too long after that though real life hit & that kinda put a pause on the music stuff since I had a lot going on in my personal life “ said Agbon. So it wasn’t up until 2018 when he was back in the swing of making music again. “It was a time when I wasn’t making the best choices, ending up catching a case & everything so music wasn’t on my mind til I came back home & got situated” Agbon revealed. After coming home & getting back on his feet Agbon was back recording, this time in a studio of his own. “About 8 months or so after I got out I invested in myself to get my own studio with one of my engineer homies, at that point it MADE me take music more serious since there was now a place I could work & call my own”. 


Despite all the success that he celebrates today, Agbon another low point in his life during the global pandemic. Yet again, he managed to stand on his own toes and make his way back on his feet. Nowadays, the rising rap artist is in a better position than he’s ever been. When asked about who his biggest competition was in the industry, he said: “I’m worried about creating lanes, to be honest. I don’t really concern myself with what others got going because I’m still trying to make something for myself & my family.”

Agbon had always been a self-motivator in the sense that he had to obtain things on his own. Though he fully acknowledges that he has a loving family that fully supports him, he stands firm on his self sufficient ability. “My inner hustler was born in middle school selling candy trynna buy my first sidekick, my pops from Nigeria so he was never the type to just buy something expensive or materialistic for me, it was always just the basic.” Said Agbon. But that simple candy seling is where he learned the importance of saving and the art of supply and demand. From there the drive for more only grew.

In the near future, Agbon sees himself becoming self-sufficient and owning numerous businesses. He envisions that all LFTFLD LEAGUE and NBM members will become household acts and continue to inspire more and more people to pursue their dreams to the best of their abilities.

“I just want everybody to know that if you apply yourself, you can achieve anything you want. You just have to be diligent and stay consistent. Those two principles will take you so far. That’s across the board, not just being a artist. This applies to your everyday life. If I can invoke the same emotion I feel when I’m out getting to it in just one person, my job is done,” expressed the rising star.

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