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Rashad Lewis, aka DMajor, Changes Lives Through a Music Label and Non-Profit

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Born in Fayetteville, Rashad Lewis, commonly known by his stage name DMajor, is a successful all-around entrepreneur. DMajor owns and manages numerous successful tech companies and non-profit enterprises through which he is impacting the world. An innate tech enthusiast, DMajor is the chief technology officer of Revolt TV and the founder of BNR Records. 

A talented artist with a passion for changing lives, DMajorfounded BNR Records as a producer to help other up-and-coming artists. He wanted to provide these artists with a one-stop shop for recording, media, and full creative control. Transitioning into an artist was born out of his passion for leading and guiding his signees under the BNR Records label. DMajor felt that the artists under the label did not display the work ethic, drive, and determination needed to succeed in music and that he could change that. 

DMajor leverages his many innovative ideas to be creative within the music industry. Since making the transition, DMajor has been doing exceptionally well as an artist. He is taking over the scene with great hits such as “Turks and Caicos” and other releases. DMajor’s ability to manage his time and resources to pursue his passions simultaneously is incredible. 

DMajor has also provided tech training services through his companies. He has been pivotal in providing educational outlets for artists to learn how to leverage technology better to scale their careers. DMajor holds that it’s his passion to continue impacting more lives, and he hopes to do it for many years to come.

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