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Following Netflix debut, Mezuo set to star in Lead Acting Role for BAFTA LA backed film

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As we near a close to the year that began with a large amount of uncertainty due to the Global impact of the COVID-19 virus, we have to give thanks for everything that went right and look forward to new beginnings for 2022. In the case of Mezuo, the multi-hyphenate Houston, Texas native, 2021 has been a breakout year that brought in numerous debuts and milestones which serve as very positive indicators of what’s to come. Mezuo received a major credit with his role as the Composer for “Clash” which was released on Netflix globally in July. He went on to receive an award nod as “Clash” was nominated for Best Film at the Hollywood & African Prestigious Awards (HAPA) in Los Angeles. Following his efforts on the Netflix debut, Mezuo went on to release his debut EP, “Major League”, which featured 5 tracks that were self written, produced, and engineered by Mezuo himself. When asked about the overall impact made to date, Mezuo weighed in by saying that “I can only be grateful in knowing that things are happening as they should be with the proper timing.” It’s clear that the path ahead is being cleared for the young Los Angeles based artist as he continues to hit major marks on multiple sides of the entertainment scope.

As the year nears conclusion, Mezuo is on the receiving end of more positive news as he is set to star as the lead actor in “The Appointment in South Central”, a film directed by Sebastian Johnson-Deal being produced in Association with the Los Angeles chapter of the British Academy of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA LA). The film is said to be “A surrealist horror-comedy about an aspiring rap artist who attempts to outrun fate when he meets the grim reaper during a near death experience”. This will be Mezuo’s first credited appearance in a lead acting capacity. Speaking on the significance of the role, the “Major League” artist stated that “Booking this role caps off what’s already been an action packed year for me…I’ll do my best to perform at the highest level as I have in the past”. We will continue to track progress on the film and Mezuo’s career activities as more information becomes readily available.

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